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Splintered Souls: A Kathryn Kane Mystery Cynthia Lyn

Splintered Souls: A Kathryn Kane Mystery

Cynthia Lyn

Published November 10th 2011
ISBN : 9781463426484
432 pages
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 About the Book 

Kerry Sullivan, a transgendered male-to-female hospitalized psychiatric patient has disappeared from the unit in the middle of the night. She is unlike the nurses typical depressed patient. She is horrified that she made the biggest mistake of her life! And Kathryn Kane, her nurse, is afraid that something dreadful has happened to her.Detective Marc Malone catches the case and works to piece together why and who would be instrumental in Kerrys disappearance. At the same time, a bizarre pattern of events start unraveling in the Windy City. A series of single, brunette women are found murdered and thrown in Chicago dumpsters. Special Agent Patrick Makenna becomes involved with Detective Sam Waters when questions arise related to a three-year old cold case hes been working on with a similar signature to these new cases. Does the abduction of Kerry have any connection to these serial murders? Meanwhile, Kathryn is taking an unusual interest in both cases, even to the point of dreaming about the murders before they occur! Kathryn is also single and brunette. Will she be next in this game of death? Will Kerry be found on time? Or is she the killer? From Chicago to San Diego to Las Vegas the race is on to find answers before madness strikes again.